4 Calming Colour Schemes for your outdoor furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, we believe you should put as much thought into decorating as you do with your indoor area. This could be your garden, patio, or swimming pool area. These are all great spots to enjoy life outdoors. Your next thought might be about colours. Bright colours or dark colours? As much as we love colour, we know that it doesn’t mean we should forget about the neutral shades.

Neutral colours are a great way to add a sense of cohesion to your space. And they look just as good outdoors as they do indoors. If you’re not quite sure how to highlight your outdoor space using neutral colours, here are a few colour scheme ideas for your outdoor garden and poolside furniture.

Pretty & Pink

pink outdoor furniture

Pink is a great colour palette, and a perfect choice for any area surrounded by greenery. Add a dash of fun and a spot of colour to your outdoor space with colours that range from a pale blush to a vibrant fuchsia.

Let’s go Green

green garden furniture

Green is the ultimate colour for any garden scheme, blending your outdoor furniture seamlessly with its surroundings. This natural hue is said to inspire feelings of calm and tranquility, creating a relaxing oasis in your home.

Beige and White

neutral garden furniture

The beige and white colour palette is a tried and tested colour scheme for any indoor or outdoor space. You can also spice things up by mixing different colours and textures.

Blue & Grey

blue grey colour palette

Bring a fresh look and comfortable setting to your outdoor area with a blue and grey colour scheme. As blue and green are often together in nature, why not in your outdoor furniture too.

We hope you’ve been inspired by these colour ideas for your outdoor furniture. Shop now for our latest products in luxury inflatable furniture.