Find the Best Umbrella for your Outdoor Pool Furniture

So you have successfully upgraded your outdoor pool furniture or garden area. You’ve chosen the perfect cushions and accessories. Now, for the umbrellas.
Aside from just providing a shade from the sun, your umbrella helps you enjoy the outdoors despite the heat, and also adds to the look and style of your outdoor area.

Before stressing over which umbrellas you should choose, it’s important to know the criteria that you should be considering.

Where does your umbrella fit with your other outdoor pool furniture?

In the summer days, there are definitely the favourite spots of your poolside area or garden. There are probably also those that are completely off limits at various times of day. This is where your umbrella comes in handy.

You may want to position your umbrella to cool off certain spots of the pool if you plan to spend a lot of time lounging in the water. Or you may want to shade an outdoor dining table where you can spend the afternoon enjoying your favourite drinks and snacks.

Most likely, your outdoor space will need more than one umbrella. Figuring out where you want them positioned will be the first step.

Measuring your space

How big should a poolside or garden umbrella be? The answer depends on what you’re looking to shade. A smaller umbrella might be good for your personal easy chair and side table. Or you may want one that shades your inflatable sunloungers.  

If you’re covering up a specific area, such as a table or small playground, it’s ideal to add about 60cm of extra area to the size. Regardless of the area you are shading, the ideal height should be about 2 – 2.8meters.

Aside from size, look at shape. For example, choose a round umbrella for a round table. This is more of a tip to make your outdoor pool furniture more visually appealing.

You need a Heavy Base

A table umbrella will get some of its support from the table below, but a free-standing one will definitely need a heavier base that can withstand the stronger winds. Choose an umbrella with a base of at least 20-25kg, or even heavier if you suspect the area to be prone to stronger winds.

Choose Durable Materials

Ensure your outdoor pool furniture umbrella is made from weather resistant fabric that will be more likely to last longer in the elements. Think of solution dyed fabrics as opposed to printed polyesters.

Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate

You may be using your umbrella during the heat of the day. You may also be enjoying your area as the sun goes down to enjoy an evening dinner and drinks outdoors. If that’s the case, think of styling your umbrella to compliment the rest of your area, such as with LED umbrella lights.

Choosing the right outdoor pool furniture is an investment. Therefore, it’s always best to consider what your main priorities are for the space to ensure the best use of your outdoor area.