5 Benefits of Sunbrella Fabric for Outdoor Furniture

Sunbrella Fabric is widely regarded as the finest fabric for outdoor cushions. Sunbrella textiles are manufactured by Glen Raven Inc. and are utilised in a range of applications such as outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, boat coverings, convertible car tops, and awnings. Sunbrella textiles are so finely designed that you have to see them to believe them.

Each of our inflatable outdoor furniture items is crafted with Sunbrella fabrics. Here are some reasons why we choose Sunbrella.


Durable fabric for your outdoor furniture

Sunbrella fabrics are very durable, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. The textiles are simple to clean, need little upkeep, and are resistant to elements such as mould and mildew.

One of the main features of Sunbrella is being known as an "all-weather fabric." As mould and mildew do not easily develop on Sunbrella fabrics, this makes them the perfect choice of material for outdoor use - they can even be left outdoors when it is raining slightly.

Sunbrella textiles have an extended expected lifetime under severe outdoor usage. This cloth tends to last three times as long as typical outdoor textiles.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Furniture fabrics that are made with Sunbrella can easily be washed in the washing machine to remove any dirt. For furniture covers that are not removable or too large to be machine washed, they can easily be wiped down with water or a mild detergent.

Fade-resistance and Colour-fastness

Sunbrella fibers are saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing
methods, such as yarn or piece dyeing, only add color to the fiber exterior. The
performance characteristics of Sunbrella are an integral part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time.


Environment Friendly

Sunbrella cloth is designed to be both efficient and environmentally friendly. During the colour saturation process, no water is wasted. Their one-of-a-kind method saves both water and energy.

Glen Raven's "Recycle My Sunbrella" initiative is an unique recycling and repurposing scheme. The business reclaims pre- and post-consumer trash connected with the production of Sunbrella Fabrics here.



Sunbrella's line of worry-free performance textiles is completely waterproof. Sunbrella Rain cloth thread stretches when wet, and any water merely beads up on the fabric surface... rather than soaking into the cushions of your outdoor furniture and leaving mildew and dampness behind.