The Fillup Club: A story about 2 friends with a common passion for design and product development.


Lode Ivens and Kenny Packo know each other for more than 20 years.Whenever they had free time, they would get together or make phone calls and practice a hobby which they shared in designs and shapes. One afternoon, they were on the phone talking about new stuff they found on Pinterest from Quasar Khanh. 

Quasar Khanh, was a Vietnamese engineer, an inventor, and a designer. The Vietnamese and French community significantly recognizes him for his inflatable furniture line Aerospace. At the age of fifteen, Khanh moved to Paris, France and established himself as the most significant Vietnamese furniture designer of the 20th century. He was one of a handful of designers whose shocking products, in color and in form, were in touch with the renegade spirit of the 1960s.

The idea came up: What about an inflatable furniture line for the luxury market? They both agreed that high-end pool furniture would be a great idea. After that call, the friends decided that their hobby must be developed into something bigger. They had to be the first in the world to produce luxury inflatable furniture. Undoubtedly, Lode and Kenny were very excited about the idea and the opportunity to start a new business. However, they worried because this was a total new concept of modern outdoor furniture, and it would take time to make samples, to find the right producer, select the right materials and to test everything until its 100% ready for commercialisation.

Eventually, it took them 2 years! But now they can say they have a real original high quality product of modern outdoor furniture, ready to supply the world. The Fillup Club’ was born because you can fill up our luxury pool furniture with air or water if needed to add extra weight.

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