6 Outdoor Furniture Ideas for smaller spaces

We love outdoor areas to enjoy fresh air, look outside, or entertain friends. Even if you don’t have a big patio or garden, there are several ways to maximise the space. With the right decorating style and layout, a small space can be cozy rather than cramped. Turn a small outdoor area or balcony into a lovely relaxing spot with these ideas.

1. Creating Privacy with plants

If you can’t put up a fence – in places like apartment buildings or rental houses – that’s when plants can help keep your area personal and private. Real plants or artificial plants? You decide. If you have a green thumb, and a well sunlit area, you may prefer real plants, while artificial plants by be better for areas that deal with changing seasons, or if you don’t have time to look after your plants.
Create a sense of privacy by tactfully placing your plants around the perimeter of your space. Plants with bigger leaves tend to look better in this placement. If you have railings, you could choose some beautiful hanging vines.

2. Build a vertical Garden

On the topic of plants, take it to the next level with a vertical garden. You can try it on a trellis or wall of your garden or patio. You could also use the rails of your balcony to set it up. For a more functional purpose, use your vertical garden to plant vegetables. Vertical gardens are a great space saver, providing a beautiful area of greenery, while still leaving room for other stuff.

3. Focus on Furniture Style

Choose furniture that can maximise your outdoor space. This could mean something that is functional as well as stylish – keeping your outdoor area looking brilliant without too much additional décor.

4. Add some tables

Tables are for more than just holding your drinks or books. Instead, you can use your tables to break up spaces or add new shapes to your area. The right table can even make your outdoor area into your new favourite breakfast spot.

5. Get creative with colour

So, you’ve got your furniture, tables and plants. What’s next? Add a dash of colour with small and colourful accessories. This could be a cosy outdoor rug, decorative cushions or pillows, or even vases and candle holders.

6. Now, the lights

Last but not least, it’s time to light it up. Transform your outdoor area into a great place to chill when the sun goes down. Depending on your area’s design – such as power outlets or a roof -- you can choose lighting such as a decorative lamp, or hanging lights. If you don’t have electricity in your outdoor area, try solar light strings or solar-powered lanterns.

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