Luxury Poolside Furniture ideas for Summer 2021

Summer is here in Australia and the sun is out. It’s the time when many of us are revamping our outdoor areas in time to enjoy the months of sunshine. If you’re looking for some luxury outdoor furniture ideas to buy in Australia, read on.

The most successful architectural designs achieve a seamless integration of interior and outdoor areas. The boundaries between what is considered inside and outside are blurred by screened-in porches, covered decks, pergolas, and other transitional spaces. As a result, many home owners are now choosing to adopt a more holistic approach.

As many high-end indoor furniture companies don't provide similar outdoor lines, finding comparable quality in garden or poolside furniture may be challenging. Customers unwilling to compromise elegance for durability may be unsure where to begin. That’s where we come in.

Luxury in-pool and floating furniture

Ledge lounges and in-pool or floating furniture are some of the most sought after outdoor furniture items in Australia this summer. Our range of floating furniture is perfect for residential or commercial use, suitable for poolside, on your in-pool ledge, or even floating in the swimming pool.

Relax in your pool or poolside this summer with our unique and elegantly designed range of inflatable furniture. You just have to fill it up! Each of our items is both air inflatable or water inflatable, depending on your requirements.

Add an outdoor firepit to your poolside area or patio furniture

Many outdoor furniture designs in Australia are now including firepits. These dynamic and elegant items are more than just a beautiful decoration piece, but also multi-functional items. In addition to a safe receptacle for burning logs and tinder, they can also be used for firewood storage, or running your barbecue.

Firepits add a powerful character and unique rough design. Some popular finishes include oxidised steel, heat-treated Chestnut wood, or handmade concrete. These sculptural fire furniture provide welcoming outdoor gathering spots in both residential and commercial settings.