How to Choose your Outdoor Pillows & Accessories

Having an outdoor living space such as a garden or pool area is a great way to spend the summer months. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may have considered upgrading the area into a cosy relaxing spot or even a dining area.

In a previous article, we talked about some tips for upgrading your poolside furniture. If you’ve already purchased most of your outdoor furniture, the next step is to add some accessories.

In most cases, this would include things like throw pillows and cushions. If you are in the process of accessorising your outdoor area, here are a few tips on picking the right pillows when you go shopping.

Decorate based on your surroundings

Take a look at your garden or poolside area. Is it large area or a cosy area? Are there plants around? What does the general colour scheme or style look like? The mood that you want your space to have will greatly affect the type of pillows you choose. For example, you may choose bright colours to contrast the stone setting, or you may prefer more calming colours.

Choose a longterm Theme for your decor

Some styles may come and go over the years, while others tend to last. When choosing your décor, try to choose an “evergreen” décor theme. This means choosing items that wouldn’t need to be replaced every season, or aren’t likely to go out of style.

Ensure that the Materials are Comfortable and Durable

When it comes to pillows and cushions, comfort should absolutely come first. Don’t consider buying something that looks spectacular, but isn’t comfortable to rest on. Aside from comfort, look for durability. Outdoor furniture will be exposed to sun and rain. That’s why its important to choose acrylic fabrics or other weather-resistant fabrics to ensure they can withstand direct exposure for long durations.

All in all, remember that when you are creating this special space for your home, ensure that you choose the right pieces that will allow you and your guests to enjoy lounging in and entertaining with!